Some students of IES Ses Estacions took part in an exchange programme with students of Winkler Prins School in Veendam, the Netherlands.




The students of Veendam came first to Mallorca from the 16th to 23rd of March. From the 20th April to the 27th of the same month, the Mallorcan students went to Veendam
The first day, Saturday, the Mallorcan students and their parents waited for Dutch at the airport. That night, the students went to have dinner all together.



The first day was a very long journey because we arrived at Bremen's airport and then had to catch a bus to Gröningen. There the Dutch families were waiting for us. It was too late so we had to go home. avion
diumenge On Sunday, everyone went walking around Palma for meeting each other. cumple_vera The following day we went to a birthday party of one of the Dutch exchange students.
The next day, the Mallorcan and Dutch students met at school and did some workshops. Later, the Dutch students went on a guided walking tour in Palma and in the afternoon we all went to the beach.



On Monday all the students taking part in the exchange were concentrated in the school canteen, where the Mayor welcomed us and introduced us to the town of Veendam. Later we visited the Veenkoloniaal museum where we learned some things about the history of Veendam.




On Tuesday, some students from Ses Estacions together with exchange partners went to Campanet to visit the Black Vulture Foundation.



On Tuesday some of the Winkler Prins students and all the exchange students went to Gröningen where we were allowed free time to visit the city.
On Wednesday, the Dutch guests went to visit the Balearics Parliament. Later, all the exchange students met at school, where we had a potluck with typical Spanish food. potluck On Wednesday all the exchange students went to the Water Distribution Centre, where an expert explained us how the Dutch try to solve their water problems. In the afternoon we went to Assen. aigua
tren On Thursday, the Dutch people went on an excursion to Soller with the traditional train. amsterdam On Thursday, we spent the whole day in Amsterdam.
On Friday, after doing some assessment workshops, all the students went to see Bellver Castle. castell On Friday morning, the Mallorcan students and their exchange partners went to the Bowling Centre for a bit of fun. Then, in the evening we had a potluck at the high school.



All of us, both Dutch and Spanish studentrs, are very grateful because of how we were treated during our visits and said that if we could we would like to do it again.



Aquesta pàgina va ser creada per les alumnes Paula Serra Muñoz i Valentina Paredes Vergara, estudiants de l'optativa de TIC (Tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació) de 1r de batxillerat i participants a l'intercanvi.